Turkish Skate Into Love 29 (Steven Zhang Janice Wu)

Genres: Romance, Youth, Comedy, Friendship
Also known as: 冰糖炖雪梨

💬Plot summary:
In primary school, Li Yubing (played by Steven Zhang) was a timid boy bullied by his seatmate Tang Xue (played by Janice Wu), ‘Master Tang’. But they shared the dream of sliding on ice. When they reunite in LU, Li Yubing has become ‘God of Ice’ while Tang Xue is a nobody that has no dreams. Li Yubing wants to take his revenge but gradually realizes that Tang Xue gives him the courage to play ice hockey.

Meanwhile, Tang Xue also reignites her dream of short track speed skating with Li Yubing’s help. The two finally clear the air. But their life becomes difficult as figure skating talent Yu Yan (played by Zhou Lijie) and Tang Xue’s first crush, Bian Cheng (played by Wei Tianhao) entering their life, added by the disturbance from campus belle Zhou Ran and the objection from their parents. Injuries in games and choices for their sports life also stumble and pressure them.

On the ice rink they love, the two turn their passion and enthusiasm into power and strength, sliding towards an unknown and impending future.

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