Survivor Smorgasbord 1 of 2 Immunity Challenge, Survivor China S15E06,

Challenge: Survivor Smorgasbord
Castaways would have to eat traditional Chinese dishes in which they must eat all of it and show their empty mouth to finish. The first tribe to four points wins immunity.

Buggin’ Out (popularly referred to as the “Gross-Food Eating Challenge”) is a recurring challenge that originated in Survivor: Borneo and has since been used in later seasons.

In this challenge, castaways must eat a variety of native, (usually gross) foods. This challenge has appeared multiple times throughout the Survivor series.

As a tribal challenge, whoever finishes the dish first, wins a point for their respective tribe. When this challenge is used as an individual challenge, the last person to finish each dish is out, while the last player remaining wins.

In its debut in Borneo, the castaways were to eat a serving of butok or bug larvae. If a contestant refused to eat the beetle larvae, the contestant’s tribe would automatically lose the challenge for the tribe. In order to break the tie, each tribes’ most squeamish member faced off. Gervase of Pagong and Stacey of Tagi were pitted against each other. Stacey finished the larva first and won immunity for Tagi.

Survivor Smorgasbord (2 of 2) Immunity Challenge, Survivor: China – S15E06, That’s Love, Baby!…

Challenge: Survivor Smorgasbord Castaways would have to eat traditional Chinese dishes in which they must eat all of it and show their empty mouth to finish. The first tribe to four points wins immunity.

The challenge returned in The Australian Outback where a person from each tribe would compete against someone from the other. A spinning wheel determined what was to be eaten. This time, if someone refused to eat or threw up, they would lose a point for their tribe. Again, the challenge ended in a tie. Kimmi of Kucha and Tina of Ogakor were chosen for the tiebreaker, and Kimmi won for Kucha by eating a mangrove worm first.

Another variation of this challenge appeared in Africa where castaways had to drink a shot of cow’s blood. During the early rounds of the challenge, milk was added to the blood to make it more appetizing. This challenge ended in a tie, in which Kelly of Boran and Linda of Samburu had to drink a full glass of pure cow blood. Linda finished first and won for Samburu.

The challenge again appeared in Marquesas. Tribe members had to eat farfaru (sunbathed fermented fish). This challenge ended in a tie, so Rob of Maraamu and Neleh of Rotu had to compete against each other in the tiebreaker. Rob threw some of it up, while Neleh finished first and won for Rotu.

The first time that it was used in the post-merge phrase was in Thailand, it was used as the family visit challenge where the last loved one standing won. Helen’s husband Jim won over Jake’s wife Jenny. At the final four Immunity Challenge, the final round was a tarantula-eating contest which was won by Brian.

In The Amazon, it was used as an individual Immunity Challenge where the last two people in each round were eliminated. Ultimately, Matthew won over Deena in the final round to win immunity.

In Pearl Islands, the tribes faced off by individually competing against each other in a smoothie drinking challenge, where several exotic food items were mixed into a single disgusting concoction. The Morgan tribe won this challenge.

In Palau, Koror selected Tom and Ian to compete against Ulong’s last members, Bobby Jon and Stephenie. The castaways had to eat balut. The first four rounds were even. The final round was a time trial, in which two castaways had to eat five balut. Tom finished his balut first, winning Koror 500 gallons of fresh water and various toiletries.

In China, each castaway took turns traditional Chinese dishes in order to try to score a point for their tribe. Even though James Clement of Zhan Hu hatched a plan with the Fei Long tribe to throw the challenge, Denise Martin of Fei Long struggled to down the balut, forcing James to abandon the plan, paving the way for Zhan Hu to win immunity and send Fei Long to Tribal Council.

When the challenge returned in Caramoan, it was used for the first individual Immunity Challenge. In the end, Cochran was able to beat Malcolm and win himself immunity.

In Blood vs. Water, the challenge ultimately came down to Gervase and Monica in the final round. As in Borneo, Gervase again failed to eat his serving of larvae in time, giving Monica the win and immunity.

In Cambodia, each castaway took turns eating Cambodian delicacies in order to try to score a point for their tribe. Just like in her original season, Kimmi of Bayon struggled due to being vegetarian. After an extremely close match, Bayon scored the winning point, earning them immunity.

In Ghost Island, the castaways battled for individual immunity. In each round, they were challenged to eat fish eyes, beetle larva, Yasawa sea slugs, and mother-of-pearl clam. In the final round, Angela beat out Michael to win immunity.

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