Search & Decode (2 of 2) Reward Challenge, Survivor: China – S15E06, That’s Love, Baby! It Makes

Challenge: Search & Decode
One at a time, the tribes must enter an abandoned village, grab a color-coded plank, and return. Once all eight have been found, they must slide them into a grid to form an eleven-word phrase made famous by Confucius.
Reward: Teahouse visit, a bath and shower, and the right to kidnap a member from the other tribe.

In Survivor: Guatemala, one at a time, three players run to grab giant puzzle pieces. After all the pieces were retrieved, two other players would solve the puzzle.

In Survivor: Panama, three players run along a path through a field (crisscrossing the other tribe’s several times) to reach one of four stations, untie a giant hanging skull-shaped puzzle piece, and haul it back. Then, the two others take the pieces and place them into rotating pieces on a solving platform until they all fit.

In Survivor: China, one at a time, the tribes must enter an abandoned village, grab a color-coded plank, and return. Once all eight have been found, they must slide them into a grid to form an eleven-word phrase made famous by Confucius.

In Survivor: Tocantins, one tribe member at a time would race along a winding path to retrieve a puzzle piece. Each puzzle piece is a large wooden triangular prism with letters written on each of the three faces. Once eight puzzle pieces are retrieved, they would need to be placed in their correct spot in a frame. The pieces would then need to be rotated to display a scrambled phrase.

Survivor: China is the fifteenth season of Survivor. It originally aired in fall 2007. It was the first American television show to ever be filmed or produced in the People’s Republic of China. The “Outwit, Outplay, Outlast” slogan used in previous season’s logos was replaced by Chinese characters. The characters translate to “compete in intelligence” (比智慧, bĭ zhìhuì), “compete in skill” (比技巧, bĭ jìqiǎo), and “compete in endurance” (比耐力, bĭ nàilì).
This season returned to 16 contestants on two initial tribes, Fei Long (飞龙) and Zhan Hu (战虎), meaning Flying Dragon and Fighting Tiger respectively. On Day 13, each tribe switched two contestants. On Day 19, the tribes merged into Hae Da Fung (黑大风), which means Great Black Wind.

The two tribes, Fei Long and Zhan Hu, were predetermined prior to the start of the game. Exile Island was abandoned for this season and instead, an added bonus for winning Reward Challenges was that the winning tribe was given the opportunity to kidnap a member from the losing tribe, where they would live at the winning tribe’s camp until the next Immunity Challenge. This person would receive a container with a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol that they had to give to one of the winning tribe members.

Fei Long held a slight edge thanks to the strength of James Clement and leadership of Aaron Reisberger. A strong alliance had been formed on Fei Long between Aaron, Todd Herzog, Amanda Kimmel, and Courtney Yates. On Day 14, each tribe, separately, selected two members of the other tribe to bring into theirs; Fei Long selected Sherea Lloyd and Frosti Zernow, while Zhan Hu selected James and Aaron. Believing that James and Aaron would remain true to the other Fei Long members when the merge occurred, Jaime Dugan and Peih-Gee Law formed a plan to lose the next Immunity Challenge on purpose so that they would be able to remove the former Fei Longs from the game. Zhan Hu would end up losing the challenge, and subsequently removed Aaron from the game.

The tribes merged on Day 19, with the former Fei Longs holding a 6–4 advantage. Amanda became concerned that James would not give back one of the two idols, and worked with her other tribe members to blindside him, with James leaving the game with the two idols still in his possession. The remaining Fei Long held on to their lead, comprising the final four. Todd, Amanda, and Courtney’s alliance held strong and the three went to the end of the game.

At the Final Tribal Council, Amanda was lambasted for apologizing too much and not giving reasons to the jury as to why she chose to vote them out, nor even admitting to ever lying to them, Courtney was criticized for her personality, while Todd was accused for being manipulative and deceitful. Ultimately Todd defeated Courtney and Amanda in a 4-2-1 vote to become the Sole Survivor

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